Sunday, June 17, 2012


     It started yesterday.  Once again, due to lack of riding Monday-Thursday, I felt the need to cycle the weekend.  Friday I did hill work.  Saturday came the University (32 miles) ride.  Also on Saturday, my chain started acting up, jumping a gear unexpectedly.  More precisely, just going up or down a cog, then coming back to the original.  I played with the cable tension, inspected the chain and the quick link (finding them suspiciously flexible sideways), and the cogs.  It seemed better, but I determined that my Sunday ride would have me taking the hills seated.
     Also, my Saturday ride clued me in that there would be no resting my back in the aero position, as I had removed the aerobars in anticipation of riding the Georgia mountains.  So, here is Sunday's recap, short and sweet: my legs were dead from the start, no push; no aero position; a jumping chain (on the middle cogs); and super high humidity.  I can't remember the last time sweat rolled off my chin (yes, it was sweat) like a dripping faucet.  The wind today decided not to be a factor.  I was pleasantly surprised to only come in ten minutes slow.
     I'm reconsidering the aerobars for the mountains.  Even if not useful going up and down, the transition miles would certainly help my recovery and back.  Oh, and I'll be at the bike shop first thing in the morning.

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