Saturday, November 10, 2012


     This very short entry announces my (our, Marilane has agreed to see where this takes both of us) beginning into the world of no meat, no fish,no dairy, no oil, no refined sugar.  That leaves fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains.  Because we are frugal folks, we haven't tossed all our non-compliant food, but rather have eased into the program.  Today we will start restocking the pantry.  It might take several weeks to be 100%.  The meat and dairy were the easy part and are gone already.  Holidays might be a difficulty, we will see.
     The catalyst for this humongus change is my inability to lower my LDL cholesterol sufficiently with medication.  In the last eight years I have gone from zero plaque in my arteries to being in the 58 percentile for people my age.  Given the amount of physical activity I do, it is unwise to have a major artery blocked.  But there are other reasons.  I won't beat up on meat and dairy, who knows, I may be back ingesting it.
     Here is my plan: a month on the strict diet to see if there is any movement at all in my cholesterol (it doesn't have to reach my goal by then, just go in the right direction); three months to see how my overall body reacts.  If all goes as the proselytizers promise, they will have a new acolyte.  Check back regularly to see how I'm doing.

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