Friday, December 14, 2012


     But first, a cycling update: not much.  There is too much holiday and catch-up preparation to be done during cycling hours, therefore cycling suffers.  It isn't like I'm totally estranged from my bike, but other things take priority.
     Anyhow, the diet.  I started the plant-based diet because of some plaque build-up and my cardiologist wanted my LDL cholesterol number to be below 70.  The statin wasn't getting the job done, even though the dosage quadrupled.  After reading How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Forks Over Knives, I decided to give the diet a try.  With the statin, I was told it took 3 months for a solid result to be established, therefore I determined I should give the diet 3 months to see what it could do.  Dr. Esselstyn indicated it would only take two weeks to see a positive result.
     So, 5 weeks of almost 100% adherence to the program seemed enough time to see if all the trouble was worth it.  I'll not keep you in suspense any longer: total cholesterol is 118 (my goal was under 140), with the LDL at 60 (a drop of 20 points, and 10 points lower than what my cardiologist wanted).
     I'm not scheduled for another heart scan for another two years, so we will wait to see what happens with the plaque.  According to Esselstyn, that should also go away.
     As for the diet, I haven't missed meat at all.  I miss cheese, but no longer crave it.  Silk is a fine substitute for milk, but manufacturers sneak dairy into so much stuff shopping is a full-time job since all labels must be read (and interpreted, since many creative names are used for milk products).  It is also more expensive.
Next post should have some cycling, if all goes as planned.

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