Friday, February 8, 2013


     This year has started off quite well.  I was able to get out to cycle nine days in January for 247 miles, and already have 171 miles in February.  Additionally, I've been keeping up my spinning in the kitchen (the Carmichael TT workout), and weight work at the gym.
     In reviewing my chart from last year (and previous years), I'm lifting more weight than ever.  Let me be clear, I don't do free weights, it is all on machines, and all legs.  The only upper body help I do is push-ups.  My hill climbing route is not taxing my cardio-vascular system as much.  Things look promising.
     But the real reason for this post is the latest cholesterol numbers, received moments ago.  I've halved my medication and the numbers didn't change from the excellent results of December.  This plant-based diet appears to be keeping me in line.  Additionally, even though not overweight, I've lost nine pounds, and since I'm stronger, have concluded those pounds were really excess.  Most importantly, my energy level, as measured by how I feel at the end of my strenuous rides, is quite high.  I attribute that to lack of meat, but it may be an increase in beans, etc.