Tuesday, April 30, 2013


     Pro cyclists sometimes describe their legs as "having good sensations."  This means more than just feeling good, and includes all parts working as they should, given the level of preparation that has gone into them.  Sometimes, despite great practice, your legs don't respond well when called upon.
     This morning, for the first time this year, my legs had good sensations.  That doesn't mean I set any PR times, or, truthfully, did I even come close.  Even though I earned Silver in the State 10k Time Trial, my time was mediocre.  I suspect, given how early in the season it came, the other riders were in the same boat.  At Old Settlers Park, my practice course, my best time in the 5k is 8:06.  It occurred in October, 2011 as a run-up to winning a gold medal at Gruene.  My best practice time this year, before State, was 8:42.  Coincidentally, had I been 36 seconds faster at State, I would have won by one second.
     I had a good Sunday ride, 42 miles, and had the best time this year.  I had a good Monday ride, 63 miles, not setting any time records, given the wind in my face for 2hrs 17 minutes.  But nevertheless, was not wiped out.  The planned ride for this morning was a leg-loosener in the neighborhood.  However, the thermometer showed 65° and zero wind while I had breakfast.  Light fog was in the forecast, but none at our house.  I had been whining about lack of tt practice weather since January, so decided to give it a go, even with the legs feeling tight and weak.
Felt B2 
     Perhaps the excitement of loading the tt bike and/or getting to ride it had something to do my good times.  I did a 5k warm-up in a good cadence, and that felt pretty good; decent strength in the legs, no lactic acid build-up.  My first 5k at speed netted 8:30 and the second 8:24, although the wind had finally come up a bit.  There are two inclines on the outbound section and one on the way back, and the legs responded well on all three.  Now to give the legs a few days rest, and see if we can't knock another 14 seconds off my times.  Next week I'll be doing ladders, 5k,10k,5k and after that, 5k,15k,5k.
As a postscript, my formula for good riding is to cycle 800 miles per month, six months out of the year.  This month I finally got over 500, which may account for the legs being stronger.  Maybe I can get 800 in May.

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