Thursday, November 7, 2013


     Needless to say, I'm quite happy to have finished first in my two races.  However, that is only part of the story, in that at my age, the participant pool is quite small.  So I look to the Overall stats to see how my cycling is truly going.
     Only 9 women were faster than me, all of them quite a bit younger.  I didn't delve any further into that group.  Of the 184 men, from age 13 up, I finished 102.  No one older than me was faster.  There are lots of divisions, and two main ones: Mercxx (no aero equipment allowed) and Aero.  What follows are interesting/boring stats.
     Non-aero, from age 60: no one finished ahead of me.
     Non-aero, age 55-59: two were faster, 4 were slower
     Non-aero, age 50-54: 1 was faster, 9 were slower
     Non aero, age 45-49: 1 was faster, 4 were slower
     Non aero, age 40-44: 3 were faster, 5 were slower
     Non aero, age 30-39: 2 were faster, 5 were slower
     Non aero, age 20-29: 2 were faster, 1 was slower

     In the aero division, apples to apples so to speak, I didn't fare as well.  Of course, this is where the true time trialists participate.
     Ages 55 and up, 26 were faster than me and 11 were slower
     Ages 45-54, 24 were faster and 11 were slower
     Ages 20-44, 28 were faster and 19 were slower
In the interest of perspective, these young guys who were faster, were a whole lot faster. 
     It's fun to say I won my age group.  But there is always the caveat: I was only fastest of those who showed up to race.  When I see certain names a the start line, my expectations of where I finish start dropping (I saw none of them this year).  Of course, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter because I do it for fun and fitness. 
      This challenging course provided an excellent cardio and muscle workout.  I'd give you my computer readouts, but on the ITT it decided to go walkabout, and gave me no speed or heart-rate information.  All I had was the time.  For the team time trial, I didn't have cadence.  As soon as I can see properly again (cataract surgery), I have a look at the set-up.

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