Monday, March 17, 2014


     I have fun extolling to folks that I am "the fastest man in Texas."  It is a true statement, but you have to get beyond the title and into the sub-titles.  In 2013 and so far in 2014, in my age category (70+), in time trial races 10k or more in length, I have come in 1st in all of the races I've been in.  Perhaps I need to make a further explanation: At the Senior Games State Finals last year, I came in 2nd, but the person who beat me was from Missouri, so I was the first from Texas (which is why the phrasing is worded that way).  In the 5k TT, I came in 3rd, with 2nd place being from Texas.  And, at Senior Games Nationals last year, while I came in 13th in the 10k and 18th in the 5k, both times were the fastest from Texas.
     I'm fully cognizant I'm a big fish in a small pond, and when I get into a bigger venue, I don't make nearly as big a splash.  This doesn't lessen the fun I get out of racing.  While I enter time trials with high expectations, for the road races I just like to hang in there as far as I can, then wave goodbye when the guys put the hammer down.  With that in mind, my palmares are (is?) pretty impressive.  I don't think I missed any, so not counting the first weekend of racing in 2004, when I learned what it was all about, I compiled a list of my races, and placement.
I've done 74 races and was off the podium in 14 of them, or 19%.  Broken down a bit further, I've done 53 Time Trials, winning 26%, placing 2nd in 40% and 3rd in 23%.  That means 89% of my time trials finished on the podium.  Of the 19 Road Races I've done, 3 were first place, 6 were 2nd place, 3 were third place and 7 were off the back, or, 64% podium finishes.  The other races were a mis-placed idea of doing criteriums with younger guys and finishing last.  Live and learn.
     This is an advertisement for Senior Games.  They break the categories into 5 year age groups, so the competition is more homogeneous and the number of participants not quite so large.  I like the USAC time trials, even if they stop at 60+, my ego doesn't get bruised until I see the results (I'm kidding, I hold my own in those also).  The USAC Road Races are a different kettle of fish.  I like the State Finals at Fort Hood because they allow the 70+.  But I won't be doing Walburg or Pace Bend again, because I can't hang with the young guys for 54 miles.  They either need to include the older category or drop the mileage.

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