Monday, April 28, 2014


     I'm not referring to me giving up cycling.  No, my BikeCentennial Trail Jersey has given up the ghost.  We are trying to resuscitate by replacing the dry-rotted elastic, but the reflective stripes on the sleeves and back are gone forever.
     In 1976 I had planned to cycle the coast-to-coast ride sponsored by Bike Centennial (now Adventure Cycling).  Preliminary plans were laid, but circumstances prevented my attendance.  Just as well, I was poorly prepared.  Twenty years later, Adventure Cycling came out with a commemorative jersey and I purchased it as incentive to finally get my act together.  Well, in 2001 I did ride coast-to-coast, just not with Adventure Cycling.  
     But I wore the jersey a lot, both before and after 2001.  The jerseys you wear tell a lot about your cycling history.  I have my Hotter'n Hell in honor of the ten I did there; the Six Gap Century of which I'm quite proud; Alpe d'Huez likewise.  The End-to-End is another epic ride jersey that I wear often.  I have more jerseys than Carter has pills.  I guess you could say I have quite a history.

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