Thursday, May 22, 2014


     One of the truisms of retirement is that you have to plan for it.  A large chunk of time that used to be filled with work-related activity needs to be replaced by something else.  Failure to properly plan usually leads to an unhealthy (mental or physical) lifestyle and a spiral into depression.  Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh or melodramatic, but most retirement seminars devote serious time to the subject.  My plan was to expand on my cycling activities, and when out of the saddle, to write about it.  Easy enough, and here I am nine years later quite enjoying retirement.
     I plan on four races a year: Brazos Valley Senior Games (February); Senior Games State Finals (late March or early April);  USAC State Finals Road Race (September); Gruene Time Trials (November).  Any other competition, cycling vacations, family vacations, and travel are scheduled around those events.  For instance, after earning a State Champion jersey several years ago in the USAC time trials, I missed the next two years because of our family get-together in Georgia.  This year, they are earlier and I will attend.
     This year, things fell nicely into place.  Right after the time trials I leave for an eight-day sojourn cycling the Blue Ridge Parkway.  A week after returning home we head to Georgia (with bicycle).  Ten days after we get home we travel to Europe for a river cruise.  I have a month before leaving to cycle in the Crater Lake area in Oregon.   Next year, our trip to England is scheduled right after Senior Games State Finals.  The 2015 calendar is starting to fill up.

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