Saturday, May 3, 2014


     I began this cycling blog to record my thoughts about, mostly, the cycling I do from home.  But you must understand, my main cycling focus is taking cycling vacations.  Time and money restrict the number of trips I can take, and I usually end up recording the adventures in a book, not a blog.  At the same time, in order to be fairly fit for these forays, I necessarily do a lot of cycling.  And, if you follow my writings, you know I'm a firm believer in friends and variety in order to keep things fresh and interest high.  It was my search for variety that originally put me in touch with the Senior Games program, and introduced me to racing and, specifically, time trial racing.
     This morning I raced a 20k time trial and came in third in the age group.  But let us define terms: "My" age group is 70-74 in Senior Games and this is what I go by.  USAC goes with different guidelines, and this morning I raced in the 60+ category.  The two who were faster were also ten years younger.  It doesn't bother me not being competitive against them.  As a matter of fact, they are nice guys and I've been acquainted with them for years, but in Senior Games not as competitors but more as an admiring fan.  As an aside: Stuart also beat me in Beaumont earlier this year.
     After the race we were talking practice drills and I learned what they do.  Since I have just procured a cycling coach to help improve my performance, I'm finally really learning how to go fast. Which leads me to the stats of my time trials in College Station this year.  Naturally, Brazos Valley doesn't know who takes cycling vacations and who doesn't, but I do.  Here is my point: without any specific race-training, but by undertaking strenuous cycling vacations, I'm pretty darn fast for my age!  Perhaps some variety by way of a cycling vacation would interest you.
     The race-training will be taking the place of neighborhood rides since I can't add any more saddle-time to the schedule.  But it is a new variation and certainly will have my interest this year.  
The cycling vacations will supplement.  We'll see how things turn out later in the year.

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