Saturday, September 20, 2014


     Because I only dabble in road racing, just doing three a year, I don't get real serious in my preparation.  Oh, I train hard; it is the bike to which I'm referring.
     I race on my touring bike, with a few modifications.  For those not familiar with my bike, it is a Roark custom titanium; not a Walmart Huffy.  For races I take off the saddle pack, tail light, and aero bars.  I don't take off the tail light holder nor do I remove my end of handlebar mirrors.  The mirrors stay on because they are currently quite stable and difficult to remove and once off, getting them reinstalled with the same amount of stability is practically impossible.  I know this through experience.  So I'm not quite as aero as serious racers.
     I also don't bother about my triple chain ring.  I haven't done  a man-on-the-street survey, but am pretty sure I'm the only one racing with a triple.  For Fort Hood I might actually use it on the back-side hill rather than struggle up in the middle ring.  Depends on the race situation.  I switch out the mountain bike pedals and shoes for Speedplay pedals and Sidi shoes.  This saves about a pound.  Oh yeah, I also switch out the Rolf Vector Pro wheels (2001) with my time trial bike Zipps (404 and 808).
     Washing the bike (which by now is pretty cruddy since I don't do it too often) and oiling the chain gets the bike ready to roll.  I air the tires the night before.  I'll warm up on the Rolf wheels, then switch before the actual race.  If the asphalt were a little better I wouldn't take this precaution.  I don't need the added stress of changing out a tube when time is tight.
     These changes don't happen at the same time, the pedals are already installed and the aero bars have been removed for a month in order to get used to being in the drops.

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