Wednesday, September 10, 2014


     These were some of the words wandering through my mind as I pedaled this afternoon out at Old Settlers Park (OSP).  Regular readers will know that even though my "thing" is cycling vacations, I dabble in racing.  I've also previously posted that in order to get faster/stronger, I engaged a coach to give more structure to my training.  So, why have a coach if you ignore his/her coaching?  Not me, I'm following instructions as best I can.  Which is why today is my first two-a-day work-out.  I'm really taking the long way around to making my point.
     This morning I did intervals, on the trainer in the kitchen.  No problem.  This afternoon called for an hour and fifteen minutes riding (no set targets to hit).  As a touring cyclist, I strongly advocate getting out on the road to cycle.  Several years ago, I'd have driven out to Berry Springs and had a nice country ride.  But an hour and fifteen minutes now is a "tweener."  Too long to ride around the neighborhood, unless I want to do multiple loops when school is about to be dismissed.  Too short to do my normal country roads, plus being in the afternoon, which I really detest anyhow.  I chose to ride in OSP.  Hardly anybody is there, I have decent rest rooms in case I Gotta Go!, the terrain is varied, and the asphalt is smooth.  And this is where the title words come in.  Am I really being lazy, or too picky about eschewing the roads?  Or am I being intelligent in choosing a safe environment in which to exercise?
     My narcissistic self says it is the intelligent choice.  But doubts creep in.  Am I deluding myself into thinking because this is "training" it doesn't matter what road I'm on?  As I get older, am I unconsciously moving away from the long cycling vacations?  I can tell you I have a long ride on next year's agenda, but nothing two years out.  Is that a clue??  Only time will tell.

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