Tuesday, September 16, 2014


     In my blog posts I often make reference to my age and ageing in general.  Try as we might to offset deterioration, some parts just don't work as well.  In one of my earlier posts I mentioned coming up on what initially appeared to be a KKK rally, right here in Central Texas.  As I got closer, it turned out to be a group of bee keepers in all-white protective suits circled around some bees.  It was an irrational assumption, but brains do funny things sometimes.  Of course, my brain blamed it on my eyes.
     The other day I was doing intervals out at Old Settlers Park (OSP).  I use OSP as a base for most outdoor riding because it has convenient rest rooms, good asphalt, and lots of parking.  Most days the only traffic are the park service vehicles.  I can leave from there and safely be out in the Williamson County countryside for longer rides, or just do a few loops for shorter (up to 75 minutes) rides.  I've been doing four loops in the hour and fifteen minutes.
     For whatever reason, I didn't feel like doing four loops so determined to include additional parking lots and short out-and-back roads which lead to playing fields and playgrounds.  After the first loop, my assumption that these inclusions would indeed be enough to reduce the number of repetitions proved to be correct.  On the second loop my eyes gave the brain a twist.
     One of the out-and-back roads leads to a small parking lot and play ground.  First loop: got to the end, casually noted a few mothers and kids on the slide and swings, looped around the parking lot and went back to the main road.  Second loop: casually noted a few fathers.  One was leaning over a baby carriage, two others were pushing carriages up the walk.  "How nice" my brain reacted.  "Most of the time, it is moms who bring their toddlers out to play."  "But isn't it strange to see a group of dads?"  Of course these thoughts went through my head in the blink of an eye.  In a few more blinks, the eyes had clarified the situation.  These baby carriages were being used to transport various discs for disc golf, and this was a threesome about to start out on the disc golf course.
     I have a Frisbee at home; occasionally I throw it in the back yard.  I never could get it to do what I wanted.  When riding the main road in OSP I occasionally see the guys throwing a disc, and I vaguely remember knowing they have different discs for various situations, just like different clubs for regular golf.  It never occurred to me that the discs would require wheeled vehicles for transportation.  I had my chuckle, then the brain once again remonstrated with the eyes to shape up and see right.

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