Monday, October 20, 2014


     It was only last week, cycling with Shannon on the Gruene Time Trial preview ride, that I firmly attested that I detested riding on Parmer Lane.  Shannon is a regular on the Saturday morning rides which go up and down Parmer.  Don't get me wrong, this is a great workout, what with rolling hills and a wide shoulder, and good asphalt.
     Unfortunately, this also comes with all sorts of crud in the road and lots of traffic buzzing your ear.  I emphatically explained that the only reason I rode it a few months ago was that I needed a recovery ride on Saturday, so joined the beginners and cruised easily for twenty-five miles.
     So a few days ago, as I pulled into the Bicycle Sport Shop parking lot on Parmer, I knew I would soon be eating my words.  Yes, she was there and yes, she was surprised to see me given my previous remarks.  What can I say.  I needed seventy-five minutes of easy spinning, because I had more or less messed up my cycling agenda for the week and needed to get back on track.  As for the easy spinning, I moved up the cog and worked on a higher cadence.
     It was a really good cycling experience, if you didn't mind all the construction barrels pushing you into the roadway.  After the first set, however, I went inside anyhow except when the way was blocked.  Crud notwithstanding, I didn't get a flat.  Traffic was heavy but nobody seemed overtly aggressive towards the cyclists.
     Mission accomplished.  And a much better ride on Sunday morning.

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