Saturday, October 25, 2014


     I started my website,, when I wrote my first book, Bicycle Journeys with Jerry.  Being a computer-phobe, I enlisted help and we made a simple to navigate, simple for me to update website.  It served its purpose.  It was nice.  It was vanilla.  It was blah.  Enter my son, Kurt, and his site, (or  He has pictures automatically rotating (I believe that is using a slider widget, whatever that is) and a countdown timer to the next event.  That got me to thinking maybe I should add some stuff to my site.
     Two things happened to push me over the edge (using this metaphor because I really, really, don't like messing with computers).  Publishing my second book, Gotta Go! Cycling Vacations in Fantastic Places, necessitated adding it to the website.  And, one of the folks in the Bicycle Sport Shop Club Sunday ride promised to help me understand how to use various media outlets to spread the word about my books.  I'm sure she doesn't quite comprehend how much of a Luddite I am.  But one of the first things she said was my website needed an upgrade.
     If you are reading this before Halloween, clicking on will show that the site is Under Construction.  But eventually it will have both books displayed, pictures on sliders (currently we are thinking one for the home page, and one each for the books), but still keeping a simple navigation to various pages.
     As soon as the site is active, I'll be putting out the word on the books, but if you can't wait, Gotta Go! is available as an E-book from both Amazon and Nook, or a printed version from Amazon.  If you are desiring a signed, dedicated copy, you can notify me as I have copies available.  The E-Book has links to my Flickr page that has all of my pictures listed in chapter-order.

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