Monday, November 10, 2014


     This year is so similar to last year, I could almost copy/paste.  Even my thinking the start line was 30 minutes from the hotel instead of 45 (same thought as last year).  That cost me cheering on LJ Stephens at her start on Saturday.
     Let's be clear, I had a fun time and, being the only person in my category, had no pressure to perform at my optimum.  Thank goodness, because niggling problems persisted throughout the week-end, most of which were of my own doing.  But first, the weather: Saturday was perfect, if a tad windy going up the final stretch of hills.  Sunday had a chilly 42 degree warm-up temperature, but perfect by race time.  Of course, I had two layers on my chest, a long-sleeved skin suit, and tights.  Just right!
     Saturday the 15 minute extra on the road cost me in warm-up time.  I warmed-up on the trainer, didn't need the GPS so turned it off.  Switched bikes and forgot to turn it on.  Thus no speed registered on my computer.  Neither did the cadence, but that was a different problem.
     Sunday I didn't switch off the GPS, but didn't do a proper warm-up either, preferring to sit in my warm car until the sun hit the field.  This course demands a lot of gear changes.  I had to do more than most, because in putting together my cogs I managed to get the 13 and 14 out of order.  At first I thought the derailleur was skipping, eventually catching on and managing the situation.
     The Sunday two-man time trial is advertised as 26.8 miles.  I registered 24.2.  I also showed an average mph of 17.7 but am pretty sure we did 19 or better.  My partner had a max of 41.1 but right on his wheel my best was only 38.5.  This will take some investigation.
     Saturday I aired my tires, 90 lbs on the front, 95 lbs on the back (might have been 100).  This was my first race with latex tubes, known for losing air faster than butyl.  Fine.  Sunday, I aired the front again, but the back was not taking any.  Too late for anything, so I had a nice, soft ride with about 80 lbs in the back.  Fortunately there were no tight turns so I didn't fear rolling the tire off the rim.  Back to the bike shop this week for the expensive extenders.
     I have no comment on whether or not the two beers I had at LJ's after Saturday's race had a deletorious effect on my performance Sunday.  I know I enjoyed visiting, so my mental attitude was improved.
     I've known my partner for ten years, spending the first seven watching him beat me handily in the Senior Games events.  But the last few years he's gotten slower.  I am faster on the hills, but he still has it on the flats and downhills, plus is quite competitive.  He really gets it moving on that stretch into Sattler.  We all know that the worn area where cars ride is smoother and faster than the shoulder, especially on this stretch.  He jumped onto the road and passed several teams that had just passed us going up, but stayed on the shoulder.  It was fun trying to keep on his wheel.
     Right after the race Sunday I packed up, returned to the hotel for a shower, then hit the road to San Marcos for lunch and an afternoon tagging along after Marilane as she shopped.  For the record, among other items purchased, two pair of New Balance shoes (for her).

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  1. You're right. The shoulder going down into Sattler is *rough* and the smoothed off area in the lane of traffic was a luxury that make you go zoom! Nice job out there.