Tuesday, March 29, 2016


     My long-time followers and/or readers of my books know that I'm an advocate of rail-trails, especially for those wishing a generally gentle ride or for those just getting into cycling vacations.  And, if you've read Bicycle Journeys with Jerry you know that I give A+ to the Katy Trail, the gold standard of rail-trail cycling experiences.  And, the very best B&B on the Katy Trail is The Doll House in Rhineland, Missouri.
     I have just received notice that Amanda (and husband, Jeff) have sold the business.  I know running a B&B is difficult and the turnover rate quite high, what with the long hours and stress of any lodging establishment.  The sale comes as no surprise.  Amanda deserves her retirement (as in no longer running the B&B, not that she is old enough for Social Security).
     It is my belief that she would not have sold to Ken and Melissa Stevens unless she were sure they could keep up the reputation Amanda had built, therefore future cyclists on the Katy Trail need not fear getting less than superior attention when they book their rooms.  You can contact Melissa at missystevens316@gmail.com or 201 Lewis Street, Rhineland, MO 65069.

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