Saturday, September 22, 2018


     Today's bike ride takes a lot of background explanation, most of it superfluous to the minor situation at the end, but I'll draw it out as long as possible because it's been awhile since my last post.
     This morning's agenda had us going down to 34th street.  Marilane had a long appointment.  Plan A was for me to take the opportunity to ride Shoal Creek.  I returned from our jaunt to Prague, Budapest, and Evesham (England) with a sore left knee that would not recuperate.  I did some cadence at the Driveway Thursday and it was still tender.  So I wasn't all that enthused about putting it to the test.  This morning's deluge sorta sealed the deal, not riding.
     But once there, driving into the parking lot, I opined that maybe I would.  Then I realized I was wearing Levi's.  The bike was still in the car from cycling at the Driveway  but the prospect of riding in jeans just didn't appeal to me.  Then an Aha! moment.  I always have an emergency bag in the car.  Tires, tubes, helmet, tights, wind jacket, lots of stuff including shorts and jersey.  Ok, then, I'll ride. 
     I changed clothes and was ready.  Pook, ding-fu!  I used the emergency water bottle at the Driveway and hadn't replaced it.  No problem, I have 8 ounce Ozarka's in my cup holders and can put one in the jersey pocket. 
     Turned off of West on to 34th and immediately came upon two police cars, lights on, and a person up against a wall.  Oops!  I went around behind Randall's and found that the parking lot didn't have an access to the street, so had to continue back up 35th to get out and come back to Shoal Creek.  It's not like it was a long way, just an aggravation.  No problem getting across to the turn lane and the light was green.
     I cruised on up and did 3 loops of Great Northern.  BTW, none of this is on Strava because when I decided I wasn't riding, I left the computer home.  The weather was great,with a nice cool breeze.  I'd stop on White Rock and watch Shoal Creek flow by as I rationed out the water.  Since I wasn't riding hard, my minimal fluid intake wasn't a hindrance.
      I can't blame it on oxygen debt so it must be old age.  I knew it rained this morning, I just watched Shoal Creek.  But as I approached 38th street I had this brilliant idea to bypass the light and take the hike and bike path underneath and just toodle on down to 34th street and give Randall's parking lot a salute as I went.  Karma!  It was bright out and I had on my Oakleys.  As soon as I made the turns and hit the underpass the realization hit me.  Hard.  It wasn't just wet, it was mud.  And it wasn't just some mud, it was CX worthy.  Too late to stop, I just held the handlebars straight and kept a steady pace as the mud flew up the back of my jersey.  I glimpsed one patch at least 4 inches deep.  We're only talking ten seconds or so before I squished out the other side.  Only to be met by a cyclist who asked me if I were going to "try" it. He was really hoping I would. I had forgotten the sharp turn and low water crossing.  Except it was more like raging than meandering.  Nope.  Turn around, don't drown. 
     I followed him up 38th and down Medical Pkwy to return to my starting point. Speaking of points, the whole point of this post is preparedness.  If you don't keep spare bike stuff in your car, you should start.  These are servicable items, but ones I'd happily part with to someone who needed them.  As a matter of fact, the shorts I wore went into the trash when I got home rather than the washing machine.  They're at least fifteen years old and it was time to go.  I have another that will take its place.  The other part of preparedness is awareness.  Keep you head in the game.  My failure will result in a premature washing of my bike.  As Professor Moody would say: CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!