Friday, July 12, 2019


     Last night we were back on the same course and direction as my first foray into racing at the Driveway.  The results were quite an improvement, generally speaking.
     I benefited from a mostly northerly wind, in that it slowed the peloton down a bit, allowing me to hang on for a full lap.  That was my first goal.  It also resulted in a lap time a full minute faster than the previous race.  I could hear Todd yelling for me to close it down as I passed the spectators, but I was already on the rivet and couldn't muster any more speed.  According to Strava I was three beats short of my maximum HR, so technically I guess I could have done more.  Clearly, my legs strength is not matching my cardio/vascular so that needs to be corrected.
     Each of my remaining laps were progressively slower, albeit each one was faster than the first time on this course.  I know I passed one rider before being helped out for two laps by my teammate, Dave Luplow, who had been caught up behind a crash.  He led me around, although I had to holler for him to slow down.  That was quite helpful, especially going into the wind.  The crash, not their fault, took out five ZFG riders and a handful of others.   
     Last time I was lapped three times, this time only once.  Mostly it was because the peloton wasn't as fast, and some of it was me going faster.  My average speed was 1.3 mph faster at 19.9 mph.  This is somewhat perplexing, in that I can do that when out by myself, not racing, with a whole lot less HR.  With Dave leading me, I forgot to put on a sprint for the line.  Just as well.
     Next week is the speed loop, but it's also two days before I leave for Colorado Springs.  I believe I'll just be spectating, as it would be poor form to have any sort of injury right before Nationals.

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