Friday, August 30, 2019


     Time for a little retrospective on racing at the Driveway.  After dipping my toes in this adventure, I've decided to go all in for next year.  So I purchased a timing chip rather than rent one.  This is a five-year purchase, so will save money in the long run.
     I was super pleased to be able to hang with the group for two laps last night.  However, after the race Todd pointed out that I could have saved more energy had I pushed up into the pack on the back straight.  At the time, while I agreed I could have, it seemed somewhat pointless in that within the next several hundred yards, I would have been relegated to the back of the pack as they accelerated up the incline.  But that is what has led to this introspection.
     In looking at the stats this morning, my average speed is up, as is my average power, but my average heart rate is down a few beats.  So, what am I thinking?  Why didn't I push a bit harder to get in the draft of the peloton?  I think I have a (misplaced) fear of over-extending myself and running out of steam before the end of the race.  This is irrational, given my current level of fitness.  It's only a thirty minute race.
     After getting dropped, I hooked up with two other riders plus a trio of mentors.  Under their tutelage, we managed to trade off leading, and pushed our way around the course.  Since we were a group to ourselves, I could hold my HR down a bit.  But this is the rub: I am racing here to improve my fitness so I need to go all out and not be content to cruise around after getting dropped.  There are three more races this season.  I'll be looking to go 100% in those.

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