Monday, August 19, 2019


     Perhaps you couldn't tell from the previous post that I was extremely disappointed in my performance.  Not necessarily my placement, while I might have been able to improve one place, I earned what I expected.  After each race or set of races, I review the stats, so this is a short entry.
     The most telling stat comes from Training Peaks.  I managed to drop ten Fitness points leading up to the races.  The inability to train hard took its toll.  Heart rate took another hit.  At the Driveway, I average 150-153 (90% of max), with a max of 157.  My time trial had an average of 137 with a max of 147 and the road race 130 with a max of 142.  To be fair the TT was relatively flat at an altitude of 5300 feet and the road race had monster hills at 6500 to 7,000 feet.  Still, I couldn't get the muscles to go any harder.
     For the thirty-five minutes of the time trial I averaged 172 watts which is about what I have done at the Driveway.  The road race had me down to 130 watts.  Part of that was because there was a lot of downhill, but I just had nothin' going up.  I generated more power today, with a lower HR,  doing cadence drills on Great Northern.
     You may have noticed I didn't include the criterium.  Once we lost the peloton and it was just the two of us, it was more or less a Merckx Time Trial with me along for the ride.  The HR was 133 with 139 watts.
     We've been back for a week and my body is just now starting to return to "normal."  I've been watching the Tour of Utah and have lots more respect for the guys working so hard at altitude.  Hopefully by the time Thursday rolls around I'll have some legs for the Driveway.

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