Thursday, November 13, 2014


           I am a health nut.  My physical activity of choice is cycling.  But exercise is such an easy habit to break.  Fun, friends, variety and goals are keys to keeping you involved.  This book recounts my cycling adventures and tips with the intention of encouraging as many as I can to take their bike with them on vacation.  I've cycled all over the United States, plus the renowned End-to-End across Great Britain and some of the famous climbs in the Alps and Pyrenees.  In my new book Gotta Go! Cycling Vacations in Fantastic Locations I describe easy Rail Trails and strenuous mountain ascents and thrilling descents.
            Casual riders will have a blueprint to getting better and more involved.  Competitive riders should see these as cycling-camps, and they, too, will get better.  Scheduling a vacation gives you a goal.  Going either with a paid tour or a group of friends puts a little pressure not to back out, plus is almost always fun.  Different places each year provide the variety.  Once you start, there is an urgency to continue year after year; you just Gotta Go!

            Toodle on over to  for additional information.  Gotta Go! is available as an E-book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, with the added feature of links to my Flickr page which has over 1,000 pictures arranged by chapter.  For those who prefer a printed copy, that is also available at Amazon, or if you would like a signed, dedicated copy, purchase from me (  
            I'm happy to correspond with anyone wanting more information.

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